eCommerce Pricing

eCommerce is the ability to sell goods or services online that are purchased through a storefront and processed with a secure payment gateway. Whether you want to overhaul your existing eCommerce website or start a brand new one, we strive to make it as simple and affordable as possible.

eCommerce Store Setup

A storefront is an additional section of your website that automatically matches the design of the rest of your website. Store setup includes setting up your branding, payment processor, shipping options, and tax options. Our pricing is per item you want on your store and includes the store setup and product options such as size, color, and styles. 
$10 per product
one time fee

eCommerce Store Hosting

Duda's eCommerce platform is a robust, easy to use interface where you can manage your catalog and orders effectively. Order management through desktop dashboard or mobile app, product galleries, advanced product options and combinations, promotional coupons, social media linking, invoice customization, and automated emails are all included.
$50 per month or $500 per year
recurring hosting fee

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